Remember back in the day when the trip to Chuck E Cheese meant a visit to the plastic ball pit. Once we all started growing up this pastime was something that is very much frowned upon. Not so fast! If you could jump back into the pit would you.


Here are a few of my positive points to Adult Plastic Ball Pits. Which by the way is a real thing. A club in San Fransisco put on a fundraiser and it was a huge success. The event was a purchase your ticket and spend 2 hours in a pop up bar ball pit "Romp Room".

1. If you are a germ-a-phone this could be a bit overwhelm but with adults you don't have to worry about urine ending up all over you.

2. It's a plastic ball pit! Everyone loves the plastic balls.

So my question to you is, would you enjoy the ball pit as an adult? Let me know.-JD