I’ve had a little mommy guilt the past couple of weeks. Ok, a lot of mommy guilt. I was lucky enough to have been at home with my baby, Cooper, since he was born. He just turned 10 months and the amazing opportunity for me to be a part of New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole on Mix 106 came about. Radio is my passion and has been a big part of my life since I was 18.

I originally planned to turn down the opportunity because I couldn’t imagine leaving my son and missing so much of his daily routine and growth. Then I remembered how many amazing moms do the same thing day in and day out and still get to work and live their dreams. I do feel that with being able to do what I love every day, it makes me a better wife and mom in the long run. When mama is happy, everyone is happy!

It just so happened to work out that we hired my husband’s Aunt as our nanny. Knowing that he is with family made the transition a lot easier.

I was still sad that I could possibly miss some of his “firsts”. After my first official week on the New Mix Morning Show, I came home to spend some time with the baby before big brother came home from school. We played on the floor and he pulled himself up on everything just like he has for weeks. His legs getting stronger and stronger, finally standing on his own for longer periods of time. I grabbed my phone to take a picture, because he just looked so darn cute with those chunky thighs! Wouldn’t you know, he started taking a few steps from one side of our sectional sofa to the other and back. I immediately started to take video and I caught his first few steps. It felt so good to be able to experience that “first” after a wonderful and exciting first week as a working mom again.