Our first guest on our new segment, Ask A Smart Person, is Kristen Burris, who I met when she leaned over at a wine bar and said, "I get women pregnant."

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Kristen Burris was so much fun on today's show! Mike got some acupuncture, some of our 12 listeners got answers to what Kristen could do for them to hopefully help them have a baby. She truly is a baby maker with over 200 babies on her resume (she stopped counting because it seemed so non personal for the work she does just to be a number).

I wanted to make sure you had all of Kristen's info. She also helps with areas other than fertility. If you are wondering if she can help you, just call and ask!

Kristen Burris
128 S. Eagle Rd Suite 220
Eagle, Idaho 83616

Don't forget about the "Selfie Contest" she is hosting. Take a selfie with April's HERLIFE Treasure Valley Magazine (Kristen is the covergirl) and then post in on Facebook and tag #EagleAcupuncture #HERLIFETreasureValley #Mix106. You will then be entered to win $800 in acupuncture and other great prizes!!

More on Kristen....

Kristen Burris is an Acupuncturist and Herbalist at Eagle Acupuncture who specializes in women's health, infertility menstrual problem and menopause expert. She will be on tomorrow's show at 8:40 and you get to talk to her!

Kristen and I literally met over a glass of wine. We were both waiting for someone and started chatting. When I asked what she did for a living she said, "I get women pregnant!" I was instantly drawn to her charismatic personality. I could tell that she loves what she does. In that short meeting, I knew I was in the presence of a miracle worker.

Kristen "helps women get pregnant who think they can never have children or their doctors told them they will have  to do fertility drugs or IVF and may have as low as a 1% chance of conceiving this way."

Kristen is also the April Covergirl  for HERLIFE Magazine being called the "Treasure Valley's Baby Maker."

Kristen will be again be on our show tomorrow (Tuesday April 15th) from 8:40-9am. If you are struggling with infertility and feel like you are out of options, I invite you to listen to Kristen tomorrow and also to call in at 376-5106 and talk with her. We are asking that you only ask Kristen one specific question so that we can get as many calls in as possible.

Kristen Burris via Eagle Acupuncture