This month's Ask A Smart Person is Dr. Sadie Allison also known as America's Pleasure Coach. One of her books is very popular around the radio station so of course I jumped at the chance to introduce her to our 12 Listeners!

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I was first introduced to Dr. Sadie Allison's book, Tickle His Pickle, years ago when a woman here at work claimed it taught her everything she ever needed to know. When a woman gives a technique book that kind of review, the other women in the room listen and also go out and purchase that book! This is not something you can explain to your friends and in a relationship is can get awkward and feelings can get hurt if not presented in the right way. That's where America's Pleasure Expert comes in! She has books with simple explanations and pictures!!

Dr. Sadie is going to on with Mike and me tomorrow morning at 8:40 as our Ask A Smart Person guest. You can ask her all about the journey to Oklahoma and find out how to spice up the trip! Some of the topics Dr. Sadie will cover will be:

  • 10 Qualities of a Good Lover
  • The Secrets of Talking Sexy in Your Lover's Ear
  • Top 4 Romantic Wishes of Men and Women

Dr. Sadie is a self published author who has sold more than 2 Million books to date! Her titles include: "Tickle His Pickle", "Ride Em Cowgirl", "Tickle Your Fancy", "Toygasms" and "Tickle My Tush." You will have a chance to win a copy of one of her books tomorrow! Make sure you and your lover are tuned in tomorrow at 8:40!!