One of our guilty pleasures every year is to come up with a way to punk our listeners (and my wife) on April Fools. We've Tattooed babies, fines for smoking in cars, blowed out phone lines, Steroids for kids, and more fun and hi-jinks. This years was very subtle, but probably one of our most successful, because of how easy it was to pull off and how many of you fell for it, Take a listen to the reactions below.

There were a lot of great April Fools Pranks by a lot of companies, one of which I fell for big time, when I saw it on the Today Show. It was for a new mans' cologne that smelled like Cheetos. I thought it was dumb, but was ready to buy it for my teenage kids.

Rosetta Stone was able to get former Star Trek, The Next Generation star Michael Dorn involed in their joke. They got him to narrate a Rosetta Stone language course that teaches the official language of...wait for it....Klingon. And yes, thousand of Trekkies fell for the evil joke

Domino's played an April Fools joke by launching The Edibox. They claimed they produced the world's first 100% edible pizza box. Domino's called the innovation "snackaging" and said the box was made from dough and could be used for dipping.

Some Krispy Kreme stores played an April Fools joke by offering 24-carat gold glazed doughnuts. They cost $15,999 each. Some wealthy collectors fell for the joke.

So be warned Mix 106 listeners, April fools day comes every year at around the same time....April 1st. You've been warned. ;-)