Being the third kid is exhausting!  Do you have a child that wants to go, go, go all the time, but can't keep up?

My youngest daughter Piper tries to keep up with her sisters, but can't do it and has been falling asleep in odd places this summer.  That pic is what happens when Piper goes to the pool.

After about twenty minutes at the pool Piper gets "cold" and wants to sit on a chair and be wrapped up in a towel.  Then she lays down and and falls asleep.  So I scoot her chair into the shade if she's not already there and make sure the exposed cheek is lathered up with sunscreen, and let her rest.

And Friday night she fell asleep on my shoulder just as the fireworks were about to start and she missed the whole thing.  The next day at breakfast she said, "Fireworks?"  And I told her we'd have to watch them on the Madagascar 3 movie and listen to Katy Perry because they were over.  But that might have been the best fireworks display ever for me, with her snuggled up on my shoulder, right by my neck.  Mama loved it!

I swear we try to nap at home but she fights it, and eventually hits a wall where she just can't take it anymore and has to crash.  Goal for the week; strict naps!  This was so much easier with one kid.