Last month we told you the story about the woman in California who's had plastic surgery to make herself look like a Barbie Doll, and how she's now getting hypnotherapy to make herself dumb.  Well, here's another woman who's not doing the feminist movement any favors.  And this woman really looks a lot like a Barbie Doll!


This woman is from the Ukraine, her name is Valeria and she prides herself on how much she looks like Barbie.  Mostly due to plastic surgery and the fact she starves herself to have a 19 inch waste, she does look like Barbie.  Recently she says she plans to stop eating completely to get her waist even smaller.  She plans to survive on air and light alone...WHAT?  And here's the even crazier part of the story, there is an actual movement that does this.  It' called Breatharianism.

This sounds impossible, because it is. Several people have died trying this stupid diet.  So, while Valeria looks like a Barbie, she also has about as many brains as one too.