I don't like pizza, I LOVE pizza, and I would have killed to have one of these on campus when I was in college....It's Americas first pizza ATM

I'm not too picky when it comes to food and pizza in particular...I love all kinds of pizza.  Hot pizza, cold pizza, all meat pizza, cheese pizza, you get the idea, I love pizza.  Technology has finally caught up to Pizza!

Can this possibly be great tasting pizza? Remember years ago, at the Boise Airport, they had a french fry vending machine?  It sounded gross and like it wouldn't be very good, but it was awesome...they were hot crispy and super yummy, so who am I to criticize a Pizza ATM? Yest it's just like an ATM machine, but instead of cash it dispenses Pizza, hot...ready and in a box ready to take back to your dorm room.

The first machine is being built on Xavier University's campus in Cincinnati. The machine can hold 70 pizzas at once. Here’s how it works - the dining hall staff will prepare all of the pizzas that will go in the machine ahead of time. They all trained for 40 hours with a French Chef on how to make these pizzas. The customer will select which pizza they want from a touch screen. Once a pizza is ordered, the pizza will be cooked at 475 degrees in a convection oven and in about three the pizza is pops out of the ATM, piping hot in a cardboard ready to be eaten. Isn’t technology wonderful?

This is the first Pizza ATM in the USA, but they have been available for use in Europe for years.

The machine will open up on August 10 just in time for students to return to school….. First Cincinnati, then BSU, ISU and Idaho.


Here is a Pizza ATM from Italy, that shows the cooking process