Tanner Mangum is incredible.  One week after beating Nebraska on a last-second Hail Mary, he stunned another team with another Hail Mary.  Um yeah....this time it happened to be Boise State.  Last night.

With less than a minute to go and a game-ending 4th down staring him in the face, Tanner launched a bomb toward the end zone and BYU receiver Mitchell Juergens hauled it in for a touchdown.  That's two incredible throws in two consecutive weeks, for two big wins for BYU, thanks to this stud from Eagle.

I'm a Nebraska alum and a Boise State homer now, and despite the way Tanner Mangum has caused me much pain and suffering as a football fan in the last two weeks, I can't help but be happy for him.  He's exciting!  He was a superstar in Eagle, and now he's leading BYU to success and time in the national spotlight.

They're starting to call him "Miracle Mangum."  I guess that's better than "Mary Mangum."  Good luck the rest of the season, Tanner.  You're amazing.