I know Halloween is over, but I had to share this hilarious yet horrifying video from our good friend, comedian and prankster Tom Mabe.

Tom has appeared on our show-gram many times over the years.  He is famous for pranking phone solicitors.

One of his most famous pranks had to do with a carpet shampooing company, and he wanted to know if they could get a couple quarts of blood steam cleaned out of his carpet.  Needless to say the company called 911.

Tom Mabe, is back and this time got into the Halloween spirit by scaring the living crap out of unsuspecting people with a terrifying flying Grim Reaper!

Tom hooked his scary goblin to a remote controlled helicopter and then flew it over anyone in a city park including dog walkers, kids, and joggers.

I don’t know about you, but if I saw this freaky thing coming for me, I would be scared crapless.

But watching him scare other people with it, makes me laugh out loud.