I think we've all done it. Unfriended or stopped following a person or page on social media because they...well...just bug you for whatever reason.

I do a social media friends purge at least 2-3 times a year. It feels good and sometimes you just have to get the negative people out of your feed.

Here are the top, acceptable reasons to unfollow someone on social media.

  1. Too promotional - Those friends that also have their own direct marketing business and sell an amazing product that you just HAVE to try. There are friends that do it right, sporadically. Then there are friends that over post and fill up your Facebook feed.
  2. Too Narcissistic - Celebrities may be able to post selfies every day and brag about their lavish lifestyles, but for normal people, that kind of narcissistic social media strategy doesn’t work out so well. I have nothing against a nice selfie every once in awhile, but I'm not a fan of the daily selfie.
  3. Too Many Fights - Especially during an election year, it's almost impossible to avoid online arguments. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am not saying you should unfollow someone based on their views being opposite of yours. I'm referring to those political posts that get downright mean.
  4. Too Many Posts - If someone is posting so often that they drown out everything else in your feed, it’s OK to unfollow. Or at the least, mute their posts.
  5. Inauthentic - Friends who stage photos or posts about the best parts of their day, and otherwise carefully curate what they’re showing to the world can sometimes, make an account can start to feel fake.

Are there any other reasons that you have unfollowed a friend on social media?