Idaho makes a lot of top ten lists. This is one list we don't want to be on and we made #3!

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Congratulations Idaho! You're #3 on the list of Worst States for Women to Live! Ouch! The ranking comes from the fact that Idaho has no female congressional members. The female median earning is the lowest in the country. Men make on average $11,000 more a year than women.

Even with all this data, I ain't going anywhere! Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a woman holding one of our congressional seats. I think women should make as much as men. And I hope all those changes are made sooner than later. But Idaho is the most amazing place I have ever lived. The quality of life that I have here with my smaller paycheck is what I was looking for. So this list isn't so much a slam on Idaho, it's a chance for us to make this great state, even better!