This particular subject really got me thinking. Who is it that names the Streets and the Highways when a town is created. Who was the man or woman who came up with Harrison Blvd, or why is it called State Street. The answer seems like it would be a simple one, but for this street its finger lickin' good.

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For this Caldwell boulevard, the endearing name was bequeathed upon it by a local lady named Laura Lamb. She and her Husband where close friends with Governor C. Ben Ross back in the 1930's. As the Gov. made his way to the home one evening for a quite sit down Lambs husband Hugh made mention of the horrible road conditions outside their home. A deal was struck over a menu of Fried Chick, Apple Pie and hot rolls that if the couple could convince the county to grade and graveled the street that the Gov. would promise to get it oiled.

There are many tales on what was the true story behind Chicken Dinner Road are and how it got its name. Check out a few more of the countries craziest street names with our very own coming in at number 7, HERE. Have you seen any other street names that made you go hmmmm?

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