I was reading an article the other day on the human body and how there are so many ways that the body could have been designed way better.  For instance, why did god put our nose in the middle of our face so it would drain right over our the top of our mouths...would it have served us better to be on the back of our heads somewhere? Better yet turn it upside down so it doesn't drip at all....what other ideas can you come up with?

Lets say for a moment that you could play god...or speed up evolution....You can make one little tweak to the human body for the better.  What would you change?  Some of the better ideas that I saw were these:

The ability to control ovulation....turn it on when you want a baby, turn it off when you don't.

Ears that shut, like eyes, so when you go swimming you won't get water in them.

Teeth that are able to regenerate themselves...so if you chip one or you get a cavity, you just grow a new one..

What about you....share with us, what change would you you make to the human body,

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for the better.