Saturday is Super Saturday. It's not the day for the biggest deals but it the day for the most purchased made. Shoppers definitely need to check out this site.

Roman Milert

One of our 12 listeners, Danny, sent these recommendations to us. I know him personally and he is a "deal hound." He researches the best deals. He plans his shopping based on these deals and makes much more knowledgeable purchases than I do as a spontaneous shopper. Hopefully it helps you get some great deals! This is an open forum (you don't have to be a member) website where people find and post deals.  I've found some of the best deals I've ever gotten on this site, and not during specific days.  People list items they find online or in stores, there have been times where I have bought an item from a national chain on clearance for over 90% off!  You can go and search the deals for anything you might be looking for.

Another good site is, they basically just compile different deal posts from other web sites onto one site.

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!