Did you know that Boise once had Street Cars? Check that...Boise STILL has Streetcars. Have you seen them?I have always been a history buff. Matter of fact when Nicole and I lived in Charleston SC I was not only a licensed tour guide in downtown where I drove mules in open carriages on hour long tours. I also worked for a year as a guide at one of the nations only working plantation, Boone Hall Plantation. Fellas if you are going..what the heck is that, ask your girl..its the home from "The Notebook" Yeah there ya go. So when we moved back to Boise I was hungry to reconnect to my Boise History. Luckily the history of the Treasure Valley is rich and thriving. In connection with the Boise City Department of Arts & History I stumbled upon a chest of gold to help me "reconnect."

I honestly couldn't remember much about Boise's early century history. From 1906 throughout 1928 a Streetcar Station was an active part of locals to and from. I just can't imagine how awesome this would have been to see these heading down from the south side of Boise on Richmond and Broadway. It wasn't the start of the street cars in the valley but these artistic shells, which are still visible are the only remaining parts of Boise's history of streetcars. Recently the Mayor proposed a $111 million dollar project to bring an updated street car and transit system to our booming city. I loved the idea of the nod to the past while a clear and present look towards the future. What do you think, would you want to see something this back in the City of Trees? Streetcars, or speedy trains, your call. - JD