Heck yeah!!! This is awesome. I love when then these things just fall into place. A group in Marsing is making it easier for kids to cope during the summer time and be school ready by the time fall comes around. 

Keith Levit

The Marsing School District this week unrolled plans for not only handing out free lunches during the summer time, but always loading the kids up with free books to feed their minds. The plan will hand out an estimated 15,000 books to kids in the area and battle one of the two biggest concerns many Idaho families deal with, summer learning loss and food insecurity. The district has teamed up with the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children. Researchers say that the majority of children will lose up to three months of progress on what they achieved during the school year during the time away from the class room. Here is to another great program aimed at keeping those bellies full and those brains growing. - JD