I hate bullies, I always have....so when I see stories like this it warms my heart.  There's a six-year-old in Bridgewater, Massachusetts named Danny Keefe, who had a brain hemorrhage when he was born.  And as a result he has a serious speech impediment.

But he's overcome that to become a successful student and the water boy for the fifth grade football team.  He's also got the BEST STYLE of any first grader in the country . . . he wears a SUIT and TIE to school every day.    Unfortunately, because of his speech impediment and because kids just don't get his fashion sense, Danny has been bullied and picked on.

So when the guys on the football team found out about it, they all wore their OWN coats and ties to school to support Danny.  They called it Danny Appreciation Day . . . and Danny called it the, quote, "best day ever."  We need more people in the world like this, and maybe we can get rid of bullying for ever......Hey, I can hope, can't I.