War is Hell. General Sherman said that on his route to the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War. And for many veterans the fighting doesn't stop when they finally get back state side. A local Caldwell vet is hoping to make that transition easier, by using his hands. Many Veteran's face bouts of depression, addiction and PTSD on their return home. For Caldwell native Danny Pugmire he wanted to find something that could help those who have sacrificed and put everything on the line for our country and help themselves at the same time. He started the Idaho Veteran's Garden. This thriving garden is in it's second growing season and so far has made a massive impact on the war vets who have put there hands to good use. Danny says that he has spaces for anyone who wants to come and garden in honor of a fallen soldier. He also said that he had so much trouble when he returned home because he stayed inside all the time, and it lead him down a road he didn't want his life to take. Gardening in a sense saved his life. By putting the love and attention in to something as trivial as a plant in a garden and focus on that, Pugmire has helped many battle harden men and women to a place of coming close to normal.


Anyone can visit the garden just for meditation or to even get there green thumb on. There are now 33 planter boxes set up. IdahoVeteransgarden.com  You can also a sponsor a box for $500 and Pugmire said that the box will be yours for life. I am such a huge fan of this, and can not wait to take my family out and dig deep and be part of this awesome non-profit. - JD