Mike and I are always saying we learn something new each day. Check out the top 5 things we learned this week.

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This week there was a wide variety of things I learned between 5:30-10am with Mike, JD and our 12 Listeners.

  • A Group of Raccoons

    During OPP on Tuesday, I learned that a group of raccoons is called a gaze or a nursery. I need to stop saying "a gaggle of raccoons."

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  • Gone Squatchin

    While my mom was visiting this week she revealed that she not only believes in Bigfoot but she also wears a hat that says, Gone Squatchin. First my brother, and now my mom. Uuugh!

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  • Help for a teething baby

    JD, the producer, has a teething 5 month old. He brought him into their bed to sleep over their better judgement. A listener offered him some advice. Go to the adult toy store and buy a product called ____ ease. It will numb his son's gums and he will stop crying. The listener has 6 kids and swears by it!

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  • Going to Oklahoma with kids in the bed

    After JD shared that he brought his 5 month old into his bed, I told him he'll never go to Oklahoma with his wife again. The phone calls starting coming in from listeners who have kids sleep in their bed and they go to Oklahoma right next to them! Eeeeew!

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  • The guy on Hwy 55

    Every time I drive Highway 55 north, I pass a guy in VW van along side the road before Horseshoe Bend Hill. I wanted to know his story. Apparently he lives in his van. He doesn't want to be bothered. He has certain, "beliefs" about the way the world works. I wasn't trying to disturb his peace, I was just curious about who he was. Next time I might wave.

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