I can't explain what we're seeing here but all of these videos are pretty mind blowing.  Something crazy is in the sky and all of these were taken right here in Boise.

1.  October 10, 2015

Dylan Habersetzer filmed this from his backyard.  It's like his dog knew something was very different or very wrong because he will not stop barking.  There's something just floating in the sky, in broad daylight, and then it just takes off like a bat out of hell.



2.  February 3, 2012

This one almost looks like some kind of meteor coming down.  These people were watching jets flying around in the early morning when they came across whatever this is falling out of the sky.  The zoom in video towards the end is pretty incredible.



3.  December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!  Difficult to make out exactly what this is because it's so dark.  The night's as black as can be and this flying object is brighter than bright.  This video was submitted as part of case 52934.  It happened around 9 p.m.  There were multiple sightings that night.  This is two videos edited together.



4.  June 2013

WARNING!!  Some bad language in this video.  Multiple bright orange orbs floating in the sky.  A husband and wife team caught this on camera.  The wife keeps urging her husband to just come inside.  She's obviously scared for herself and for her kids.