But first...let me take a selfie. Millennials are known as the "Me Generation" because that seems it's what they're all about. Coming into adulthood around the year 2000, the internet has been part of their formative years, MySpace and Facebook have played a huge role and selfies are what life's all about. However, Millennials are very much about acts of service and it's proven with this list of 25 dream jobs Millennials would like to have.

I didn't realize that I am a Millennial. All of this is my life. Seriously, I'm selfish?


Oh wait. I am.


However, doing something for others feeds my soul more than doing for myself - every time. When the "Me Generation" was asked what they wished they could do every day for a job. This is what they said:


1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

2. Google

3. Walt Disney Company

4. Apple

5. Local hospital

6. FBI

7. Dreamworks Animation

8. Health Care Service Corp.

9. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

10. CIA

11. Microsoft

12. Mayo Clinic

13. State Department

14. NSA

15. SONY

16. The New York Times

17. Air Force

18. Nordstrom

19. UnitedHealth Group

20. Kaiser Permanente

21. Starbucks

22. Amazon

23. Abercrombie & Fitch

24. Army

25. Navy


Studies like this make me feel good about society. With all the news that comes out, it's sometimes tough to look past the bad decisions of so many and see how many more good people are around. That's cool!


What's YOUR dream job?