I have no space any where in my house & it's not because of the size of my house. It's because every morning when I get ready my 100 lb plus dog barges into the bathroom pushes me into the wall and will not leave.


I have posted the above photo of my dog Zeke sitting staring out my front window in order for you to properly gauge how large he is. So as you can see he is a fairly large dog and every day when I go into the bathroom to get ready he comes in & lays on the bathroom floor, in the already small space without him in it. And if I kick him out he comes right back in or sits outside the bathroom & whines like a little puppy. I can't even sit on the couch normal, I have to sit cross legged because he's always laying on the floor right in front of the couch. Making it difficult every time I try to get up! And I forgot to mention I also have a cat. That likes correction must sleep on my chest or right above my head. My house has been taken over by animals!


And yes I know it's all because he loves me.. But sometimes I just want to go to the bathroom without my dog barging in! Or be able to get out of my bed at night without tripping over him. But that is no where in the near future for me, because I refuse to get rid of him; he's my favorite part of the day. When I get up in the morning he greets me with a smile & a wag of the tale. When I get home form work at night he's right at the door to say hello (and endlessly sniff me to find out where I've been) & put a smile on my face, making any bad day better instantly. I guess I just had to vent & get my space issues off my chest & see if anyone else has a similar space issue problem.