There's tons of normal stuff to be thankful for this year. And there's at least 20 things I'm embarrassed to admit I'm thankful for.

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20 Things I'm Embarrassed to Admit I'm Thankful for - Even Though I Am

1. I am thankful that I keep a pair of tweezers in my car.
2. I'm thankful I can go to bed at 6pm and claim it's "because I get up early."
3. I am thankful for the dimmer switch in my bedroom.
4. I am thankful my driver's license can be used as makeshift floss - in a pinch.
5. I am thankful pumpkin bread and apple pie are considered fruits and vegetables, at least in my world.
6. I am thankful that when I don't remember someone's name, which for me is often, they usually let me get away with "hey you."
7. I am thankful I can wear yoga pants, a baseball cap and a hoodie to work
8. I am thankful no one sees me eat an entire pint of ice cream for dinner
9. I am thankful I can screen my calls and text the person back.
10. I am thankful I don't have to hear a Justin Bieber song on Thanksgiving.
11. I'm thankful for Gerard Butler. Enough said
12. I am thankful Dancing with the Stars is over even though I've never watched an episode.
13. I am thankful for Eric Decker even though he no longer plays for the Denver Broncos
14. I am thankful I still get ID'd when I order a drink or buy a lotto ticket
15. I am thankful TV networks understand binge watching so I can see 8 hours of Living Alaska.
16. I am thankful leggings are trendy so no one knows I actually can't fit into my jeans
17. I am thankful for Spanx
18. I am thankful for beer.
19. I am thankful for Apple TV
20. I am thankful for the $20 bill I found in my jeans yesterday

Happy Thanksgiving!