While Kate was in Alaska, she got to witness a reindeer  sausage eating contest. Which is pretty weird, but not as weird as some of these contests.

How about this one;  A cheese rolling contest.  Thousands of people take a 7 pound log of cheese and roll it down an incredibly steep hill.  Cheese and the contestant must arrive at the same time.  One year they had to delay the finish of the contest to wait for the ambulances to return from the hospital that had already taken contestants who'd been injured earlier.

Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

How about a baby crying contest.  That's right grown men trying to make babies cry.  And not just any man.  This contest takes place in Japan and Sumo wrestlers are given a baby and the first one to make the baby cry wins.  It's believed to bring good luck.  Unless you're the baby.


Or the Air sex world championships.  Yep, air sex, just like air guitar only with sex.

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