Your registration fee gets you to the start line. Your fundraising efforts get us all closer to the finish line...finding a cure for cancer! Here are 10 ways to help you raise money.


Fundraising does not mean you have to go door to door asking for money. As outgoing as I am, that would make even me uncomfortable. But there are ways in your every day life that you can raise money for Race of the Cure.

Don't forget, 75% of all money raised at the Boise Race For the Cure stays right here in Idaho! That money will fund mammogram screenings and diagnostic tests. It will provide patient assistance like gas and grocery cards for the uninsured. There are women who have to drive 2 hours just to get to a doctor. There are lots of rural parts in Idaho and these women need our help! The other 25% goes to the Komen National Research Grant program to provide ground breaking breast cancer research.

Between now and May 9th, I keep a coin jar in my kitchen and put all money saved in it. Then on the final day of fundraising, I cash it and turn it in.

1. Skip going out to lunch once a week ( $20)
2. Skip happy hour with the girls once a month ( $40)
3. Skip buying lotto tickets one week ($11)
4. Take all my coins in my car I use for parking meters and put it into my jar. Then I have to find parking that is free and walk a bit further that week. ($10)
5. Get my nails done every 3 weeks instead of every 2 ($15)
6. Skip going to the movies once a month ($20)
7. Skip that Amazon purchase. I don't have to have it. ($30)
8. Skip playing golf one week a month ($20)
9. Skip ordering a movie Saturday nights on Apple TV ($5.99)
10. I put a coin jar on my desk at work too and ask everyone at the radio station to put their spare change it whenever they walk by my cube (This could be an endless amount of money!)
TOTAL:  Around $200

10 simple cut backs that could result in a huge change for breast cancer! If you haven't signed up for the Mix 106 12 Listeners Team, please do so below. Once you're signed up, come up with a list of things you can cut back on in your daily life and start your own fundraising campaign. Make coffee at home, dig for spare change in the couch. Ask your family to help. If we all could raise between $50-$100 the change would be amazing!